Installing a package from the Nuxeo Marketplace in 60 seconds.

And what's happening here?

Nuxeo DAM 1.1 in VirtualBox on Ubuntu 10.04, in 60 seconds.

What's this all about?

It's about how to, on your Ubuntu 10.04 system, install VirtualBox, then download and run the spanking new Nuxeo DAM 1.1 digital asset management software in a VirtualBox session. And ... go.

Nuxeo DAM 1.1 on Ubuntu 10.04, in 60 seconds.

So ... you have a Ubuntu 10.04 system, and you want to install the brand new, open source Nuxeo DAM 1.1 Digital Asset Management software in 60 seconds. No problem.

Experimental Ubuntu packages for Nuxeo DM and Nuxeo DAM.

NEW UPDATE: This post has been superseded by this one.

UPDATED, Jun 29, see end of article.

The packages

According to this, there are some convenient packages of Nuxeo DM and Nuxeo DAM for Ubuntu. For my local drinking buddies, I'll just expand a bit on what's written there.

Nuxeo DAM, JBoss, Tomcat, Jetty, Ubuntu and stuff like that there.

UPDATED: Brief Mercurial usage section at end. I'll probably break that off as a separate, free tutorial in a day or two if you want to check back.

MORE UPDATED: What was supposed to be a short, concise tutorial seems to be getting out of hand. I already predict a rewrite that's a bit more organized. *Sigh*. In my copious free time.

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