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A collection of semi-organized notes related to my playing with an Arrow SoCKit evaluation board, particularly including my building a bootable system for it using Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded.


Arrow links:

Altera links:

RocketBoards (mostly Wiki) links:

Be careful in that some of the Yocto documentation seems to be incorrect.

Download links and sites

Development host tools

Besides what's mentioned in the intro guide:

  • Install and use screen as opposed to minicom, and run:
$ screen /dev/ttyUSB0 57600
  • If you're building your own kernel, make sure you build the USB/serial module ftdi_sio for console access.

Internal wiki pages

Links for building using OE/Yocto:

Outstanding issues

  • The meta-altera layer provides its own file, which seems like simply a subset of the one from OE Core. Why?
  • How does one update U-Boot on the SD card? I suspect it's in that first unmountable partition.
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