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This wiki page is the official starting point for the course, but some of the links currently need to be updated. I suspect that will happen soon. Note that this wiki page is simply my informal notes on the course, nothing more.


As many as I can list right this minute:

Student equipment

(Might be updating this section shortly.)

Should have own:

  • BeagleBone Black (BBB)
  • 5V power supply
  • One or more uSD cards (with adapter if necessary). I would go with 2 -- one for recovery, and one for development.
  • Powered hub, plus mouse and keyboard (if necessary)
  • Network cable if necessary

Should own or have access to:

  • Serial cable for U-Boot access
  • Breadboard
  • HDMI display and cable

Setting up development host (coming soon ... possibly)

Updating BBB to latest image

Follow instructions here. I typically use the latest official image built by Koen from here. The latest version as of this typing is 08.21.

Week 1

Exercise 1, Start Here


Exercise 2, Out of the Box (getting your BBB on the net)

Link. I use my own recipe for getting the BBB on the net.

Exercise 3, Installing a Beagle OS


Introduction to BoneScript


Introduction to Git


GPIO, LEDs and pushbuttons

Exercise 8a, Cross-Compiling

Link. I would just install the YoctoProject toolchain here.

Exercise 8, Installing Development Tools (cross-compiling kernel/u-boot)

Link. Will be coming back to this.

Exercise 10, Flashing an LED

Link, and some simple tests to work up to the course exercises.

Hook up to simple switch

VDD_3V3EXP <-> S2 <-> D2 <-> DGND

LED and timer

Use timer trigger, delay_on, delay_off.

Drive LED using gpio60

GPIO60 <-> D2 <-> DGND.

Read switch using GPIO7

VDD_3V3EXP <-> S2 <-> GPIO7

Counting button presses

I'm not sure how you'd do this without interrupts, other than a fast polling loop.

Week 2

Exercise 11

Link. And here is a GitHub link with alleged solutions. More to come ...

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