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[edit] Overview

The new home for Crash Course kernel tutorials, at least for now. Lots to come ...

[edit] Stuff to cover?

  • LKD3 -> LKD4 updates

[edit] Stuff to remove/ignore since it's gone

  • hotplug
  • sysfs "subsystem"
  • regular ioctl

[edit] General links

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] Kernel building and configuration

[edit] Kernel data structures and design patterns

[edit] CPU and processor-related stuff

[edit] Concurrency and synchronization

[edit] Process management

[edit] Delaying work

[edit] kobjects and driver model and related stuff

[edit] Memory management topics

[edit] Interrupts

Some links:

Wiki pages:

[edit] General driver stuff

[edit] USB drivers and devices

[edit] Debugging topics

[edit] Embedded Linux topics

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