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NOTE: A great deal of this material is currently being updated, so while you're welcome to peruse all of it, I'm going to clearly mark the newer content at the top of this page; that's what I'm currently working on. Enjoy.




Internal U-Boot page U-Boot here.

Yocto Project

Development Kits

New pages:

Old pages:

Random topics


NEW: Linux kernel, a catch-all page for Linux kernel stuff, rather than having it scattered all over the place.

First, the pages I'm currently working on:

Board/kit-specific pages:

Some new, umbrella pages for content that is currently scattered all over the place:

Next, the existing stuff that probably needs updating:

Some non-embedded Linux topics:

Some other random topics:

Some other Ubuntu pages:

Kernel-related pages:

NEW: In order to keep this page from getting too crowded, I've moved all of the kernel cleanup-related pages to the Kernel cleanup page. Also, here are the kernel cleanup scripts.

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